• HERE X


An International call for the Performing Arts
Theatre, dance, performance and creative residency
May 19th – 28th 2017
Cavallerizza Reale Torino

During the first edition of HERE in 2016, 200 artists exhibited in 130 rooms whilst performing artists created productions in the two theatres as well as in external areas of the UNESCO World Heritage Site : Cavallerizza Reale, in Turin, Italy.

The 2017 edition of HERE will include a new section, participating together with “Arti Visive” (the Visual Arts Group which initially created HERE) will be HERE X. This group will include all forms of performing art with the intent of creating a form of communication between the arts. HERE X will concentrate on all forms of exhibition which propose research into the various relationships between community, ambient and the public in general.

The event had a major impact on the city of Turin, welcoming over 9000 visitors in just 10 days and had major coverage in the news media which awarded Cavallerizza with a place on the international map of independent art venues e.g. MAXXI (the Contemporary Art Museum of Rome):

Established and emerging artists participated, exhibiting their work. Various personalities of the art world presided over the daily discussion panels and talks held during the event.

The purpose of the event was to atract attention to Cavallerizza Reale (a Unesco World Heritage Site, formerly a property belonging to the Italian royal family). Cavallerizza was owned by the local council which left it to decline for years with the plan to eventually sell it off to the private sector.

Since May 2014 a collective of self motivated citizens reopened some parts of the structure (which includes two theatres, large communal areas, large regal gardens and over a 100 rooms) with the intention of preserving it. Using it to create a variety of free, public, autonomous cultural activities.

Cavallerizza became a real cultural centre that in less than three years became active with more than a thousand events (music, performances, exhibitions, cinema, workshops) and hosted national and international artists in residence. Projects of co-working, urban gardening, popular cuisine, kids activities, arts and crafts workshops, a variety of classes (dance, yoga, photography...) and conferences on social issues etc, were also presented.

The 2017 edition of HERE X, from May 19th to May 28th, will be an autonomous, self sufficient event organised by Arti Visive (VisualArtsLab), the visual artists group, a part of the Cavallerizza collective which also includes other groups (Musical Arts, Performing Arts, Literature…)

The event will be self-managed and self-financed.

The event was created to raise awareness and engage citizens at a local, national and international level. It will highlight the potential for improvement and the socio-cultural value of the Cavallerizza,for example as new cultural methods to use properties of the public sector by a participatory process which uses methods such as inclusion, comparison, and of a transversal nature.

Artist or collective groups of all nationalities (minimum age limit: 18 years) are invited to participate.


Deadline 20th of April 2017

Performing arts projects in any medium (theatre, dance, performance, street performers, etc) are all welcome.

During the valutation fase for acceptance, projects will be particularly considered for their experimental and innovative characteristics which involve the public , ambient and the community in general.

Projects should be compatible with the style of the structure of Cavallerizza Projects involving a high level of experimentation will be particularly taken into consideration.

Options available for the participation in HERE X:

  1. Micro-performance with a ten minute time limit
  2. Street Theatre Performance, Urban Raids and Open Theatre. WHERE: Cavallerizza Portico, Gardens
  3. Theatrical/Dance production in “Manica Corta” space(100 seats) or in “Maneggio” space (240 seats)
  4. Site specific Performance : apart from the use of available theatrical space to create performances (Two theatres and external areas) accomodation with beds and a cooking area will be available to a limited number of artists ( based on availability)

Dates and times must be agreed upon with the Organisation.


  1. Participation is FREE
  2. For organisational reasons some projects may not be considered suitable
  3. The scenography and any stage setting object must not represent any dangerous or excessively dubious aspects
  4. The artists will be responsible for any damage
  5. Every artist is responsible for the preparation and any technical aspects of individual productions
  6. There will be no financial assistance for any costs incurred by artists during HERE X
  7. It will however be possible for artists to “pass the hat “ to collect money from the public during outdoor events and also an “up to you” collection at the beginning and/or end of the production in the indoor theatres. It is important that all those who intend to collect money from the public leave a partial contribution from the collection to assist with the overall cost of HERE X

Please note that we are NOT insured!.. .However the exhibition area will be locked overnight.

Projects for HERE X must be received by us by the closing date of 20th April 2017.

Please include the following documentation with your application form:

  1. The application form completed in every aspect with a maximum of 10 images per project (total max 50mb)
  2. Video Links (vimeo o youtube)
  3. It is also necessary to register online at the following link:
    https://artivisive.cavallerizzareale.org/form/hereonstage.html and upload the application form
By the closing date of 30th April you will be informed of the outcome of your application to HERE X


  1. There will be communal areas with work stations and free wifi. A variety of working art labs will be available for production such as silkscreen, woodwork and a darkroom.
  2. If you have any special needs, please include them in your application.
  3. EVERY THEATRE COMPANY MUST HAVE ITS OWN TECHNICIAN (who must be totally independent)
  4. Set up and Tear down must be planned prior to the production and should be carried out efficiently and as smoothly as possible


"MANEGGIO" THEATRE (240 seats)
STAGE MEASUREMENTS: 18 m x 17 m H = 8 m.

Stage measurements: 10 m x 8 m H = 6 m.



As the property is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are some restrictions and rules which must be followed:

It is forbidden to:

  1. Use large nails or screws of any kind in the walls of the rooms for hanging art works.
  2. Drill holes in the walls, damage or remove any part of the structure in any way.
  3. No art work may make a permanent change to the overall structure or to the nearby gardens. All works must be purely temporary and removed after the period of the exhibition.

N.B By sending this application you automatically agree to ALL the above conditions.




Open Call (pdf)

Application Form (doc)

Cavallerizza Reale

Via Giuseppe Verdi 9, Torino